AV4 and Avon Databases
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This website will now serve 2 purposes. It will be the new home for AV4/JF7 (formly created by Sierra Soft Ltd) and its updates and for the Avon product/brochure databases.


AV4 or JF7


  • Stores customer demographic information. (Name, Address, Phone numbers, Comments)
  • Easy customer order entry with automatic fill of description / shade / size / amount based on catalog number.
  • Professional entered product databases available. ( www.avondatabases.com )
  • Keeps customer prior order history by campaign and year.
  • View order history by customer.
  • Search entire order history to find who has ordered a particular product.
  • View campaign summary by customer.
  • Adds entries to the product file as items are entered on an order.
  • Feature to maintain product file (correct, add, delete entries).
  • Options for tax rate, processing charge, customer discounts, line item discounts.
  • Option to print up to a five line global message on every order.
  • Ability to print a custom message for each customer.
  • Customer report that prints all demographic information.
  • Campaign summary of customers with orders.
  • Order summary to assist with filling out purchase order.
  • Campaign total report shows summary information at the campaign level.
  • Create / Maintain multiple customer databases.
  • Support 2 tax rates for Canada
  • Submit orders to United States, Canada and Australia Web Sites.
  • Email Customers any report including their invoice. (Requires a client based email account).



    Avon Databases

    The databases include all the brochure product information including descriptions, sizes and prices is included for each Avon Campaign.
    These files are available for United States and Canada Representatives.

    Avon Product Brochure Database files are available in serveral standard formats:
    United States: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Comma Separated Values (CSV), Nova Business Program, and AV4 Customer Order Management.
    Canada: Microsoft Access and AV4 Customer Order Management.

    There is a nominal fee to purchase, please select Avon databases to order or download.


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