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AV4 Version 6


AV4 is designed and priced to make the life of an Avon Rep. EASY. AV4 V6 is coming soon and be offered in three versions from new Reps. to the top Avon Reps. As current users know, AV4 hasn't been updated in many years, it now will be updated on a regular basis. Version 6 is being developed now allowing you to capture all your expenses and income, track mileage, fix issues with uploading your order to youravon.com, import data from other programs (such as MBA and QuickBooks), export data to your tax program, give you reports and graphs in the way you want (even remind you of times to contact your customers for their reorders, or any reminders you set), reports and graphs by campaign and year or any dates you want, have Point Of Sale (including a bar code reader and cash drawer), let you capture customer data and print invoices at all events, let you manage downlines, keep track of sales events and contact info you go to, give you tech support with the option for phone support, work with all versions of Windows, give you the ability to use it on your Mac, iPad, and Android tablet.
Soon you will see AV4 version 6 on www.avondatabases.com with all of its new abilities, if you're currently using QuickBooks you'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy and less expensive AV4 works for you.
I do wish to thank Robert of SierraSoft, LLC for the 25 years he spent developing AV4 5.X and below.

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